Being fashionable in Islam

Fashion in Islam:

Islam promotes beauty and modesty at the same time. It is evident from the divine orders in the religion. Islam requires both men and women to be dressed cleanly all the time. They are asked to look acceptable according to the society and to have a good outlook. The first and foremost restriction in Islam is to cover the body to a specified limit. That specified limit of the body must be covered by them. The limit is less for men but more for women.

What is the requirement for the Muslim women?

Muslim women need to be fully covered by the clothes. The important thing is to cover the whole limits specified for the body. One of the particular things is the covering of the hairs and head by the headcover or scarf. Now there is a good variety available in scarf and headcovers. They are available with different patterns of design on them. The availability of multi-colored clothes also adds to the designs of the scarfs and head covers made according to islamic fashion.

Availability of special head covers and scarfs:

The head covers and scarfs are now available for the Muslim women. The main feature is that these head covers and scarfs are specially made without joining them to the whole clothing. Hence, they can be used separately and removed as well. This makes it easy for Muslim women to remove it without removing all the clothes. This feature holds a lot of significance. As previously, the head-covering piece was joined with the whole cloak. This made it quite difficult to manage. So, now they are made and sold separately in various designs.

What is being fashionable in Islam?

In Islam, being fashionable has some different meaning. Islam emphasize on the fact that every human being has innate things which the religion is emphasizing. One such innate quality is to cover the whole body. Clothing not only covers your whole body. But it also protects our body from harmful effects of weather. The protection from weather is defined in divine orders.

So, being fashionable in Islam is to wear good and beautiful clothes with some specific limitations. One such limitation is that the clothes must cover your body. The clothes which are too thin and they expose your body are not allowed. Such clothes are of no use in the religion as they are not serving the purpose.

Promotion of good and legit fashion in the religion:

Some people have a misconception that Islam doesn’t promote fashion. It is true that Islam puts limitations on clothing and these limitations are not bad as they are in harmony with our innate qualities. But at the same time, it bounds the believers to look good by following¬†Islamic fashion. It is evident from the practices in Islam that the Muslims should use good perfume so the bad smell of their sweat must not disturb the other people. It is also recommended to wash the mouth after eating the food every time to avoid bad breath. The believers are required to arrange the hairs properly to look beautiful.